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Our Origin Story

Yellow Door Ceramics Studio was founded in 2021 by co-owners Felissa King and Amanda Pennington. It is located at the Milkyway Complex in central Indianapolis. 

The creation of Yellow Door is a classic 21st century story. 


Neither Amanda nor Felissa are Indianapolis natives. When Felissa moved to the city in 2018 she was looking for a place to create pottery and began following other ceramic artists in Indy on social media. She needed some recommendations so she slid into Amanda's Instagram DMs. Amanda, having only moved to the city a year prior, did not know much about the Indianapolis art scene at the time but she did desperately want to make some friends (who can relate?). The two met up for dinner, conversation flowed, and a friendship was born. Oh, and one minor detail:  Felissa was almost hit by a car while exiting the building (traumatic), but we will save that part of the story for another day.  The two dreamed for years, while sitting at their finance desk jobs, of opening a community studio together.


Since opening in November 2021, Yellow Door has expanded into two 2,000 square foot studios at the Meadows Design Complex. One studio functions as the Class Studio and is where One Night Classes, 8-Week Courses, and Private Events are held.  The second studio space functions as the Membership Studio and is where Yellow Door's 45+ members rent space and enjoy working independently.


Warm.  Engaged.  Hands-On.  Welcoming.

Our instructors are who create a meaningful learning experience at Yellow Door.  We are so grateful for their individual strengths and expertise.  Get to know them below!


We want our studio to feel inviting, warm, creative, and inclusive.  Our "Yellow Door" is your welcome sign:  come on in.  

Felissa's front door is painted yellow on the inside, and it adds a warmth and energy as she heads out into the day.  This was the initial inspiration for our brand, and we hope it provides the same feeling when you enter our studio.

Plus, we want it to be easy to know you're in the right place.  Just look for the Yellow Door.

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